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UIV Chem work together with LG Chem to supply the world's highest quality of OLED lighting products, OLED light panels deliver natural light with breakthrough technology. With ultra-thin and light characteristics, OLEDs will change your Light-Style with many human-friendly benefits.

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OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an organic materials based light source. The source of the light is the EML (Emissive Layer) which responds to electric currents by emitting light. Other layers that comprise the organic compound are the ETL (Electron Transport Layer), HTL (Hole Transport Layer), HIL (Hole Injection Layer). Their role is to optimize the flow of the electric current so that the EML's light emission is maximized.

Benefit Of OLED

OLED : Better Quality of Light, Better Quality of Life
Light has always been an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The ultimate reference for artificial light is of course, natural light. Among all high-efficiency/eco-friendly light, OLEDs have the closest spectral distributions to natural light, even in its most natural state.

Human-Friendly Light

No Glare or Eye Strain

OLEDs are inherently a ’surface light source’ with ‘soft and pleasant’ spectral distributions. These factors combined with enhancement of it’s OLED panel ’uniformity; reduces glare and prevents eyestrain, providing light that is comfortable and pleasant on the eyes.

No Heat

OLED panels are touchable and easy to handle as they produce little or no heat (about temperature). Combined with having no glare, OLEDs can bring lightings closer to the user without causing any discomfort.


UV from artificial light sources have been fully utilized to our benefit, such as growing plants. However, UV is also the cause for wrinkles and also what attracts insects. OLEDs are completely free of UV, adding another ‘human-friendly to their characteristics.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Thin & Light

OLED panels are Ultra-thin and super-lightweight. The thinness can provide design flexibilities, unique to OLEDs. Being lightweight will also contribute to additional energy saving for applications sensitive to weight such as electric cars, airplanes, and submarines.


Flexible Panels will mark yet another significant breakthrough for OLEDs. Flexible Panels will open doors to unprecedented design by being shapeable on curved surfaces, while taking the OLED’s ultra-thin and super-lightweight characteristic to the next level.


Once true panels become fully available in the market, We will also be producing panels that are transparent, yet another characteristic unique to OLEDs. 

Structural Advantages : uniform surface light with No Heat

UIV Chem work together with LG Chem to supply the world's highest quality of OLED lighting products,, develop and provide OLED lights featuring high efficiency, high brightness, and long life to maximize customer value. We are realizing OLED lights more quickly compared to competitors through our many years' research, successful know-how in related businesses, and optimized environment.


Best Performance: 100lm/W, 2014

We have developed and applied technologies to improve OLED performances lifetime. 
Our Light Extraction Technology extracts the light that is trapped within the OLED panel. 
Our unique Stacked Structure enables the panel to reach a higher brightness at lower electric current input levels.

Flexible OLED Panel

We have developed its Flexible (bendable) OLED Panels with Thin Glass Substrates which enable Flexible OLEDs to reach same performance levels of RIgid glass OLEDs. 
Development of 'True' Flexible OLED panels using Plastic Film Substrates have also finalized, with barrier function improvements one the way.

High CRI (>90)

CRI(Color Rendering Index) is an important indicator for the quality of the light source. CRI represents the light source's ability to reproduce the natural and original color of the object under that light. LG Chem has successfully euipped its whole standard OLED panel line-up and Flexible (Bendable) panels with CRI levels over 90, without compromising other performance factors such as efficacy (efficiency).



We had devoted over 15 years of research and development on OLEDs, starting OLED materials and expanding into device optimization; UIV Chem has many chemists who have rich experiences in OLED materials, also has the capability of supporting all kinds of OLED material projects.

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