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Case of Nano Silver Solution Case of Nano Silver Solution

Now there are a lot of antiseptic and antibacterial drugs in the market, especially for gynecology me...

OLED lamp American journey of Case DIY series OLED lamp American journey of Case DIY series

DIY, quite high concept in recent years and OLED light is from the LG Chem global technology leader ...

Case -OLED Intermediate Case -OLED Intermediate

9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0), because of high quality and reasonable ...

3-Bromo-3'-chlorobiphenyl 3-Bromo-3'-chlorobiphenyl

3-Bromo-3-chlorobiphenyl (CAS No.:844856-42-4), moving customer by service and quality. 3-Bromo-3-ch...

Case- Noble metal catalyst Case- Noble metal catalyst

Palladium diacetate(CAS No.:3375-31-3), we get the customers trust by good quality! Palladium iaceta...

Graphene in electronic materials applications Graphene in electronic materials applications

Graphene is rapid development in recent years, new materials, wide range of applications, graphene i...

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UIV Chem is a future -oriented scientific enterprise, is committed to using the power of science for human to seek susta...

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1. What are the features of OLED lighting?
OLED is authentic planar light source. Different from point light source of tungsten lamp and OLED and linear light source of fluorescent lamp, OLED light has the natural advantage of even distribution and softness.OLED only requires a low voltage DC of 3-12V to drive.
2. Which fields can OLED lighting be applied to?
Due to its unique characteristic of 2D planar light source and new features of transparency,dual-side emitting and flexibility, OLED light source varies from traditional light source.
3. Currently, what are the application fields for OLED lighting?
By utilizing its planar and ultra-thin feature different from traditional light source, OLED lighting is mainly applied to manufacturing of indoor artistic lighting fittings and artistic decorative lighting in first-class places.
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