• Case -OLED Intermediate

    9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0), because of high quality and reasonable price,we enjoy a good reputation from the customers 9- (4-bromophenyl) -9-phenyl-9H-fluorene (CAS: 937082-81-0), we develop 100g from 2013 100G, the quality is more than 98%! Because OLED industry characteristics,the research and development cycle is...

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  • 3-Bromo-3'-chlorobiphenyl

    3-Bromo-3-chlorobiphenyl (CAS No.:844856-42-4), moving customer by service and quality. 3-Bromo-3-chlorobiphenyl (CAS No.:844856-42-4) is one of our main products. I made a quotation in May, 2014 and the customers inquired on the market widely. After two months screening, customer choose to do business with us in July, 2014 However, customer made i...

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