You can not know the harm of Strong light
As we all know, human life is inseparable from the light source, these light sources for our lives is extremely important. But you know?  A lot of light for us are harmful, such as blue, ultraviolet, some flash, neon lights, LED lights, etc., if long-term attention, then the eye caused great harm, some serious will lead to permanent blindness , Below to understand  the injury from the strong light for the eyes .

Strong light on the eyes of what damage? Strong light for the eyes, especially the stimulation of the lens, vitreous damage, to a certain extent caused by photoelectric reaction, so that the body glass body becomes turbid metamorphism, and then precipitation, the shape of the elderly cataract, So that visual acuity decreased significantly, and this damage to a certain extent irreversible. The development will be all blind. At the same time due to long-term ciliary body in a state of tension, refractive adjustment capacity is also damaged, increased blinding. When the eyes are exposed to strong light, the pupil will shrink, if it is long in this light, it will cause eye muscle spasms, eye swelling, dizziness and discomfort, serious eye irritation, resulting in visual blur. And long-term reading in the strong sunlight, will damage the eye health, leading to corneal and lens damage, increase the chance of cataract eye.

Strong light will increase the eye fatigue. Especially in the strong light of the environment, these strong light will stimulate the eyes, resulting in tired eyes, dry eyes, tears and other discomfort, and even cause vision loss. So, we can often see such a scene, such as the driver to wear sunglasses in the driving, welding workers will bring care glasses and so on.

And some light sources will release a lot of blue light, this Blu-ray is extremely harmful for eye-catching, such as Yuba, LED lights. In our eyes there is a macular area of ​​the retina, the macular area is able to perceive the light, for the growing child, if the long-term exposure to Blu-ray, it will cause macular edema, inflammation and other issues, It will cause the Japanese macular degeneration. So no matter who, should pay attention to avoid strong light exposure.
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