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Myopia, now has become a common problem in modern civilized society. Myopia not only to people's lives inconvenience, but also a direct impact on people's physical and mental health, especially for young students. And according to a large number of medical studies have shown that the deepening of myopia, will lead to the occurrence of various eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, especially high myopia is more optimistic, more likely to cause the above complications, serious can cause blindness .

And cause the cause of myopia, mostly are usually not pay attention to protect the eyes and lead to myopia, such as watching TV and the Internet is too long. In today's world, people's myopia continues to rise, especially students. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent myopia and other eye diseases, many experts recommend that we should have a  correct posture when we read  , light should be sufficient, insist on eye exercises,  eat less spicy food, buy regular eye-protection lamp and so on. Said the eye lamp, today's OLED eye protection lamp popular consumer favorite. (Mainly OLED eye protection has a high-quality light source, natural light does not say, soft light, uniform illumination, no UV and blue, it is suitable for reading)

The front of a few,  you can do it as long as you persist , and the purchase of regular eye lamp there are many uncertainties, some lamps are inferior products, some businesses will be shoddy goods, cheating buyers. Therefore, Xiaobian suggested in the purchase before you can refer to the national "civilian lamp general technical conditions", avoiding  being cheated.
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