Best Interior Lighting: OLED Lighting
Now talk about OLED, most people will be associated with the OLED display, after all, now Apple's mobile phone and LCD TV are using OLED technology. However, Xiaobian told you that OLED is not only  hot in the display industry ,but also  as well as in the lighting industry.

First of all, this advantage with the OLED itself is inseparable. OLED lighting is the surface light source, illumination uniformity; light soft, not dazzling; high color rendering index, more real things to restore their own color; close to natural light, healthy and no radiation; and itself is the lamp, no shade, suitable for indoor lighting. In addition, OLED has a higher energy conversion efficiency, although the current 60lm / w, but with the OLED technology is mature, the future can achieve 100lm / w. With high-quality white, color rendering index of up to 90 or more. Low voltage DC drive at the same time, instantaneous start.  Environmentally friendly, non-mercury, RoHS compliant. The most important is it can be designed: thin, light, flat, transparent, can be bent. 

At the same time, the national second five solid-state lighting plan clearly shows that to vigorously build new industries, including new energy and energy saving and environmental protection industry cluster and solid-state lighting industrial park. The OLED is environmentally friendly energy-saving new energy, more environmentally friendly than the LED.

With the OLED's own unique advantages and government policy support, as well as OLED huge potential market. In the future ,OLED is likely to replace the current growing LED light source application market.
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