Away from Blu-ray hazards, OLED lighting to create a healthy eye environment
Now with the eye health problems gradually become the focus of attention nowadays. After a long history of poor quality LED lights, not only will reduce the efficiency of work and study, over time will exacerbate eye fatigue, causing dizziness, and further lead to irreversible retina hurt.

Although the LED strobe is not the source side of the problem, in fact, because of its blue light than the other light color wavelength is short, so there is greater radiation energy, the possible radiation hazards than other colors of light is greater. If a LED lamp brightness is too high, then look at the eyes for a long time after the light, that is, the human eye in the light accumulated under the blue dose (Blu-ray hazards) may cause photochemical damage of the retina.

Blu-ray hazards, why does  LED lights  has Blu-ray  ?
Studies have shown that LED technology defects caused by high-energy short-wave blue light, and this high-energy short-wave blue light can penetrate our eyes to the bottom of the retina, directly on the eye nerve caused irreversible damage. If the long-term use of stroboscopic LED lights, long-term look at the LED light source, prone to vertigo, uncomfortable feeling, and even cause eye damage, making the visual cells damaged, the risk of eye disease increased, and then the user's eye health Serious damage.

Solve the blue light hazards, OLED science light source protect  eye 
As a new generation of mainstream lighting technology, OLED has many advantages, using a new generation of technology, not dazzling, no UV, no blue, no fluorescent light purple hazards, and many other advantages, to create a healthy eye environment. At the same time, the light source both low energy consumption, less heat, and environmental protection, to bring a very comfortable feeling of the eyes. Therefore, OLED light source by the domestic and international scientific community recognized as the human so far can create the most eye, the closest to the natural "friendly" light source.

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