Do not thank, OLED application stage has been prepared for you
What is OLED? OLED, organic light-Emitting Diode (UIV OLED), also known as organic electroluminescent display, organic light-emitting semiconductor (Organic Electroluminescent Semiconductor). Today, we talk about the application of OLED stage.

OLED applications can be divided into three stages:
(1) 1997 - 2001, OLED test phase
During this phase, OLED began to take labs, mainly used in car audio panels, PDA phones.
But the output is very limited, the product specifications are not many, are passive drive, monochrome or regional color, to a large extent with the test and test the nature of the test. In 2001, OLED's global sales were only $ 150 million.
(2) 2002-2005, OLED growth stage:
At this stage, people can be widely exposed to OLED and related products, including automotive displays, PDA, mobile phones, DVD, digital cameras, helmet with micro-display and home appliances. OLED products officially entered the market, mainly involved in the field is the traditional LCD, VFD and other display areas. Still passive, monochrome or multi-color display, 10-inch panel below, but active-driven, full-color and 10-inch panels are also put into use.
(3) after 2005, the mature stage of OLED
With the OLED industry more mature technology, OLED will enter the display market and expand their own application areas. Its technical advantages will be fully studied and developed.
Preliminary estimates, in addition to the traditional areas, OLED technology will be in the following four areas have been tremendous development:
1.3G communication terminal
2. Wall-mounted TV and desktop computer monitor
3. Military and special applications
4. Soft display

In fact, Xiao Bian would like to add that, that is, lighting field. The first is the demand for OLED lighting market, the continuous innovation of modern technology, and the growing demand for diversification, lighting from a slow development of the industry to a more refined market areas, including home lighting, commercial lighting, Industrial lighting, architectural landscape lighting, medical and automotive lighting and other subdivision areas. Second, from the light quality, light intensity, life, color temperature, light, display, environmental protection, shape (flexibility), regulation, technological innovation and other technical parameters require comparison, OLED lighting as LED after the fourth generation of light , Has a huge advantage, but also will eventually bring innovation to lighting 's field .
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