In order to save the " Head down man" life, the country's practice praised!
A few days ago, saw a news, talking about a man ,who suffered a car accidentin the  road, because he was looking  at Mobile phone . Now with the popularity of mobile phones and features of the powerful, "Head down man" is also growing scale, the moment of  bow the head is often the moment the accident happened. Small loss of financial, large to pay the price of life. And in order to save the "Head down man" of their lives, even at home or abroad, the country  always effort.

Recent news reports, the Netherlands tried to install the ground lights, to save the "Head down man."  Like the Belgian Andreu Pute set a "Head down man" dedicated road, it is located in the middle of the road there is no obstacle. And a street in London, England, the roadside 's telephone pole  are wrapped in a thick layer of sponge, even if the collision will not be too  painful.

The domestic, from the traffic control department was informed that a street with traffic lights at the same time flashing the zebra crossing, appeared in the streets of Wuhan, specifically to remind the bow family attention to watch the lights. Recently in Qiaokou District, Liji North Road and Liji East Street intersection put into trial, after three weeks of observation and testing, the effect is good. It is understood that the system is made of special materials, in Wuhan City is the first use. It is laying in the crosswalk on the ground, does not affect the normal passage of pedestrians and vehicles, stepped up do not slip does not stumbling, not afraid of rain soak, not afraid of the sun exposure, and with the intersection of lights synchronized color change. When the lights show red when the ground lights are also red, green light when the ground lights are also green, but also transferred into yellow flash. Traffic control department, whether it is the past pedestrians or motor vehicles, non-motor vehicle drivers, as long as the road to see the color to know whether the passage of the maximum to remind the elderly, children and those who love to play mobile phone side walk " Especially at night even more unusual eye-catching.

At present, the light is used  only in Wuhan trial, if the effect can be, Xiaobian hope that this measure can be popular as soon as possible to the major cities. The reduction of a car accident is a good thing.
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