Road lighting poles technical standards released, the city lighting and fill a domestic blank
Recently, with the industry standard "road lighting poles technical conditions" released, the standard to fill the gaps in the field of domestic. The industry standard by the Changzhou City Lighting Management Office and the China Municipal Engineering Association of urban lighting professional committee co-responsible editor, and through the Ministry of Housing and other units of the experts of the expert review team review.

It is understood that the expert review team and representatives listened carefully to the compilation group to the introduction of the standard preparation process and content, the contents of the standard discussion one by one, and agreed to pass the review. The standard in the preparation process through extensive research, drawing on the relevant domestic and international standards and engineering practice experience, the road lighting pole manufacturing has a guiding significance, scientific and reasonable content, operability, and the current relevant standards for road lighting Engineering application provides the basis for reaching the international advanced level.

At present, the city lighting department to participate in the preparation of the provincial and ministerial level above the standard, standard, fixed, Atlas a total of 18, including the national standard 2, industry standard 5, provincial standard 11, to participate in the completion of the provincial and ministerial level Question 8. In addition to just through the review of the industry standard "road lighting poles technical conditions", the national standard Atlas "urban lighting design and construction" and the Ministry of housing construction "urban lighting statistical system and data center construction research" also filled the domestic blank.
Speaking of industry standards, OLED lighting technology in China started late, and the lack of technology, resulting in relatively slow development of domestic OLED at the same time, in basic research, industry standards, industry resources integration has yet to be improved. At present, walking in the forefront of OLED lighting technology and the rapid development of Japan and South Korea, but China OLED lighting industry prospects are very broad. In the global energy conservation and environmental awareness is growing, OLED lighting technology in energy saving has a unique advantage, can continue to improve the efficiency of the actual operation. It can be said that as a new type of lighting, in the near future, OLED lighting will become the leading force in the global lighting market is not impossible.
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