Nanjing Consumers Association to start classroom lighting quality survey, lighting quality shocking
Myopia, is a lot of parents and students in the hearts of pain, can have a pair of normal eyes, who is willing to myopia? For students, the school classroom and family environment in the larger proportion of lighting, if the school classroom and home environment lighting quality is poor, low illumination, will undoubtedly cause students to decline in vision and myopia. Recently, in order to provide school teachers and students with better learning, living, office conditions, Nanjing Consumer Association of Yinlong Garden Primary School of various classroom light environment for a sampling test.

It is reported that energy-saving emission reduction has been more and more attention from all levels of government and society. Currently on the market, LED lighting has entered a number of areas, LED tubes have also entered part of the school. At present, LED lamp replaces  T8 trichromatic fluorescent tube. However, due to the lack of national standards,  LED lamp detection only use fluorescent tubes 's standard. In the test, LED 's lumens did not reach the corresponding fluorescent lamp  lumen standard . As we all know, LED lamps contain blue light, will be the impact of human, especially primary and secondary school students. In the latest architectural lighting design standards, requiring LED indoor lighting color temperature below 4000K, color rendering index of 80 or more, but the test results show that the market is mainly sold for the color temperature of 6500K LED lamp, so the LED energy-saving lighting There is a certain hidden danger.

For the children's eyesight, meet the requirements of the classroom lighting is particularly important. To this end, the Nanjing Consumer Association and the Nanjing University of Science and Technology Institute of Light Source Materials, the National Light Industry Light Source Material Quality Supervision and Testing Center, Jiangsu Province, organized by the Institute of Lighting organized the primary and secondary school classroom lighting quality survey. From the results of the preliminary survey, LED is very  low in four key indicators ' standard about illumination, illumination uniformity, color rendering index, color temperature. 

On the school classroom and home environment selected lighting, Xiao Bian more optimistic about OLED lighting. Take UIV OLED lighting, OLED lighting uniformity, color rendering index greater than 90. Color temperature,  According to the study, the color temperature in the 4000 ~ 4600K or so, the color temperature is moderate, light and soft with a little yellow, more suitable for reading needs; color temperature in the 4700 ~ 5500K or so, color temperature is high, light dazzling white. The UIV OLED lighting lamp color temperature of 3899, close to 4000 ~ 4600K, it is suitable for students to use reading. According to Xiao Bian understand that there are some schools began to use OLED as a classroom lighting .

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