Healthy light and green life: Yu Rui OLED lighting debut 2017 GuangZhou International lighting Exhibition
With the opening ceremony of the 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair, Yurui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd., with its own firm enterprise strength, brand new image, superb product technology, And as the first and only exhibitor to display OLED lighting exhibitors, we are honored to participate in this exhibition, and become one of the most highlights of the exhibitors. Here, we just like Xiao Bian to learn about Yu Rui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. and its  products .

Yu Rui lighting (UIV OLED), for a better life to create a better lighting experience, the Shanghai innovation enterprises, OLED industry alliance executive director units, LCD Association outstanding member units and many other honors. In addition, Yu Rui lighting through the top of the experimental environment to build, the introduction of scientists at the level of professionals, the application of independent research and development of OLED materials cost control advantages, combined with LG Chem years of experience in research and development and successful technology, through high efficiency, high brightness, long life OLED Lighting development, at a reasonable price to provide consumers with high-quality global OLED lighting products, continue to achieve greater customer value, and faster to the market and competitors have enough differentiated innovative products!

This time, Yu Rui lighting with 30 kinds of lighting products exhibitors, such as different types of OLED lighting panels, table lamps, eye protection, chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps, DIY creative lights, involving hotel lighting, museum lighting, commercial lighting, Home lighting and many other applications, to multi-angle to bloom product charm. Here will be a big wave of product pictures struck, you are ready to feast for the eyes?

OLED lighting using innovative technology, not only gives a warm and comfortable feeling, but also to achieve ultra-thin and flexible, and the light distribution evenly, no heat, no glare, no UV, no Blu-ray hazards and many other Human-Friendly features. With this advantage, OLED lighting will change the way we use light in many environments, changing the lifestyle of lifestyle lighting ...
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