The 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, and Yu Rui OLED lighting is filled with people
The world's largest and most comprehensive and most forward-looking lighting industry ceremony - the 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition today in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Fair grand opening.

It is reported that the 2017 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and the Guangzhou International Building Electrical Technology and Intelligent Home Exhibition two exhibition brought together more than 20 countries and regions, more than 2,000 exhibitors from around the world, the scale of a new high, Across the 18 exhibition hall, the total exhibition size of 200,000 square meters "meters, lighting + building" for the industry at home and abroad to show a professional, comprehensive photo feast. Only by the number of exhibitors and exhibition range can imagine the show will be what kind of grand occasion.

In fact, from the opening of the morning 9 can be seen, the industry's attention to the current event is still increasing,  at the entrance of the  Exhibition  is filled with people.

At the same time, Yu Rui (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. as the first exhibition is the only one exhibiting OLED lighting exhibitors, the exhibition site can be described as hot .

The 22nd Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has set sail, its professional, comprehensive, forward-looking to attract the industry gathered here, the common enjoyment of the gluttonous feast of lighting. Let us look forward to the exhibition next to the more exciting content!

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