Du Huahong, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission,Visit our company with other leaders
April 18, 2017,Du Huahong, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Lin Jie,Director of planning,  and other leaders visited Zhejiang Huaxia Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. My company senior staff made a warm reception and accompanied survey for a number of county leaders . Such as Shen Shen, director of Jiashan economic and Information Technology Bureau of Zhejiang Province ; Jinming , Mayor of GanYao town Jiashan County .
During the discussion, Du Huahong, deputy director , using  mobile phones to test our product OLED lighting terminal applications
Two projects together promote and achieve results
UIV CHEM was established in 2009, deep plowing OLED field for nearly a decade, in May 2016 in Jiaxing, Zhejiang investment in the construction of OLED sublimation materials factory and large R & D center, the current OLED materials and OLED lighting two series of products, while a flexible OLED Lighting technology reserves. The company has applied for a total of more than 30 patents, and more than 10 in the admissibility process, with a sound patent layout, first-class product quality control and research and development of rapid response capability, in 2016 by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission's Innovation Fund support.

Focus on resources, support government efforts
UIV CHEM R & D and production base - Zhejiang Huaxing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., as Jiashan County, "small Sheng regulations" focus on cultivating enterprises, Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Technology Committee Deputy Director Du Huahong and his entourage on the Division I Qianxi sublimation workshop, New product research and development and process optimization research laboratory and quality assurance and testing center conducted a comprehensive field investigation. Zhao Xiaoyu, chairman of OLED intermediates from the research and development, OLED finished material sublimation, has been extended to the OLED lighting terminal applications, a detailed report of our company has now made scientific and technological achievements, production and implementation of equipment structures, the company's strategic development in the next three years Ideas and planning. Du Huahong, deputy director of the Division I fully affirmed the Secretary for the achievements of scientific and technological innovation, excellence, "craftsmen" spirit, a clear strategic planning, hoping to further accelerate the pace of scientific and technological achievements, Jiashan County to focus on policy resources and elements of resources, Up regulation "to cultivate the guidance and help efforts.
 The picture shows the director of Du Huahong and other leaders in my company for a full range of field research
Respond to the call to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements
OLED technology continues to improve. OLED screen has become the choice of many mobile phone manufacturers: Samsung Note7, Huawei Mate9 Pro, millet 5 and vivo Xplay 5 and the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and so on with the OLED panel; the next three years OLED TV will also enter the blowout period: domestic Brand Skyworth, Konka, Changhong have launched OLED TV products, South Korea's LG, Japan's Matsushita, Europe's Mizi, Grundig, Vestel, Olufsen OLED TV will be its main flagship model. UIV CHEM accurate insight into the needs of the industry, a positive response to the deputy director of Du Huahong commissioned by the government called to further accelerate the pace of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, trying to cooperate with the well-known domestic and foreign suppliers of suppliers, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant production facilities and equipment, Stable high-quality products.
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