Du Huahong, deputy director of the Economic and Information Work Committee, led the research group to listen to Jiashan to promote the "small increase regulation" work report
On the morning of April 18, Du Huahong, deputy director of the provincial government, led his party to the county to carry out supervision and investigation. The research group listened to Jiashan to promote the "small lift regulation" work report, the field visited the "small Sheng regulation" to cultivate enterprises Zhejiang Huaxing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., research group to learn more about the production and operation of the enterprise, the problems and the next Step development plan.

Du Huahong, deputy director of the full affirmed the Huaxia Optoelectronics "small or regulatory" enterprises continue to research and innovation, the pursuit of excellence in product quality "craftsmen" spirit, the proposed enterprises to use new technology, new models, develop new products and enhance core competitiveness.

For the county to deepen and improve the quality of the "small lift regulation" work, Du Huahong, deputy director of the county asked to focus on policy resources and elements of resources, increase the pilot enterprises to guide and help efforts, and timely summary of the pilot experience, To explore some of the small micro-enterprises in the province to promote the implementation of the work initiatives and practices.
                     Jiashan County Bureau of Administration of Small and Medium Enterprises
                         April 18, 2017
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