OLED will be a new opportunity for Chinese enterprises, a number of domestic manufacturers are accelerating the pace of production
Research and development of domestic OLED display  made a new progress
In the fifth China Electronic Information Expo, a variety of new technology standards of domestic OLED new product debut, showing the current China OLED display made new progress. In the display industry, OLED display technology has been regarded as an alternative to the next generation of LCD display technology, known as the "future display technology." It is understood that, compared with the LCD screen, OLED display with a flexible, more vivid quality, more light and energy saving, cable can be integrated more features and many other advantages. With the life, yield, stability, the basic solution to the problem, the current OLED industry chain matures.
"OLED is a new opportunity for Chinese mainland enterprises." BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman, CEO Chen Yanshun said, OLED technology has now emerged, and become a small and medium size display areas irresistible technical trends. OLED shipments in 2020 is expected to exceed 800 million, will become the mainstream mobile phone display market.

Show industry 's next outlet: OLED first outbreak point is approaching

With the upgrading of technology, production line yield and supply chain mature, flexible display technology OLED will become the flat panel display industry next outlet, and to a large extent instead of LCD, is expected in 2017 "51" will usher in the first An industry outbreak. It is reported that Apple is from Samsung large-scale procurement of OLED panels, purchase orders or will reach billions of dollars. Driven by Apple, the future OLED panel penetration process is expected to accelerate.

With the OLED technology to enhance, OLED other applications will benefit
In recent years, domestic manufacturers are accelerating the pace of domestic, seeking to achieve the self-supply of OLED. With OLED's own unique advantages, such as OLED materials, OLED panels, OLED lighting, OLED eye protection has been quietly rising. May be in the next few years, we will be expected to see more and more OLED panels, lighting and lighting aspects come out Is said to be one of the most healthy lighting fixtures OLED light source, will be with the LED in the lighting market on the same stage of competition.
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