Talk about the advantages of OLED
Perhaps there are still a lot of people do not understand, or even do not know the existence of OLED, but this new technology has been born and has obvious advantages, I believe in the near future there will be no small development, and now Xiaobian and everyone simple Share the advantages of OLED .

1, all solid, self-luminous: no backlight. Solid state, no liquid material, so the seismic performance is better, not afraid of wrestling;
2, wide viewing angle: viewing angle greater than 160 °. Almost no visual angle of the problem, even in a large perspective to watch, the picture is still no distortion;
3, high resolution: active matrix OLED resolution is easy to reach UXGA.
4, high brightness: generally in the 100 ~ 14000cd / ㎡.
5, high luminous efficiency: 16lm ~ 38lm / W. Luminous efficiency is higher, energy consumption is lower than the LCD;
6, the response speed: 10 microseconds or so. Response time is one thousandth of the LCD, showing the movement of the screen will not have the phenomenon of smear;

7, the working temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 75 ℃. Low temperature characteristics of good, at minus 40 degrees when the normal display, and LCD can not do;
8, the drive voltage is low: 2 ~ 10 volts.
9, low power consumption: 350 ~ 400mW (at 150cd / ㎡).
10, thin: 2 mm or so, the thickness can be less than 1 mm, only 1/3 of the LCD screen, and the weight is lighter;
11, the manufacturing process is simple, lower cost;
12, flexibility, flexibility: can be made in different materials on the substrate, can be made to bend the soft display.
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