What is light pollution
Now in the family decoration, people have taken indoor air quality as a top priority. As everyone knows, another kind of pollution - light pollution is also quietly......
People's eyes because of the regulation of the pupil, to a certain extent, can adapt to the light radiation, but the light radiation to a certain amount, it will have a negative impact on the environment and human health, which is called light pollution".

Light is a drug
Whether it is incandescent lamp, or light bulbs, have brought a lot of life and fun. But, you may not know, even Edison can not predict, and now the light will be accused of a drug". Night sleep is the circadian rhythm of human innate, but in modern society, some are the city lights are disrupted. The light is indispensable to human friends, but too strong, too excessive, constantly changing light interference on the human body caused by injury is even big, let a lot of people did not expect.
2/3 people live in light pollution
A survey shows that about 2/3 of the world's people live in light pollution. In addition, the pollution caused by man-made light has increased year by year, the annual growth rate of 6% in Germany, Italy and Japan each year, an increase of 10% and 12%. The 1/10 driver said that the sun travels by light reflected by the glass curtain wall, so that they can not see the direction instantly. Dr. Russell Leite, an endocrinologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center, said: "light is a drug.". The use of light is harmful to health."
In the light pollution, the first hurt is the eyes, temporary blindness and even cause instant light eyes, light pollution is also common will cause the cornea and iris of the eye injury, the incidence of cataract is as high as 45%, which led to fatigue and decreased visual acuity, but also make the head dizzy, or even insomnia, loss of appetite, physical fatigue and other similar symptoms of neurasthenia. Light pollution belongs to the harm to human body is a large, black light intensity of ultraviolet radiation generated in common in the ballroom is much higher than the ultraviolet intensity, and harmful to the human body lasted for a long time, the human body if the long-term acceptance of such radiation, can cause nasal bleeding, teeth, cataract, and even lead to leukemia and other canceration. The scientists showed that light pollution not only damages people's physiological function, but also affect people's mental health.

Based on this situation, a new technology of OLED technology was born, and after the new OLED light source 20 years of experiment and research, the highly anticipated and praise, especially the new OLED eye lamp protection, because it is a surface light source, close to natural light, no glare, glare, fatigue, ultraviolet, blue, radiation and other conditions, more green than LED lights, lighting is said to be one of the most healthy at present, opened a new generation of healthy lifestyle lighting.
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