How to select eye-protection lamp better
Now many children eyesight is not good, in order to let the children can have a good pair of eyes, many parents are willing to try a variety of methods, the popularity of the eye's parents love, variety, such as high-frequency lamp, LED lamp, OLED lamp and new products, but how to choose the eye?

Ordinary consumers inherent technology on the lamp (including core components: ballast / adapter, light-emitting components: Lamp / lamp /LED) don't understand at the time of purchase, often dazzled, sometimes had to rely on the price, style and color choice, with a certain blindness. In fact, the purchase as long as the following points on the line:
A look at the light, (1) a reasonable temperature (4000 ~ 4600K); (2) brightness stable, no flicker; (3) soft light; (4) the light is not uniform, a small lamp light source; (5) reasonable design, no glare (eyes see highlights).
Two to see the documents, certificates, such as: quality inspection report and product certificate, warranty card, manual and other patent certificate, in addition to the national security CCC compulsory certification mark, which is often said that the "3C" certification mark. These documents are actually a special agency to the consumer checks.
Three look at the use and after-sales service, use and maintenance methods to be simple, but must have some repair address and telephone.
Four to see if it is convenient to replace the lamp tube, the lamp must be replaced, and the service life of the whole lamp can be prolonged. Due to the replacement of LED beads, carefully chosen suggestions.

Here are some specific shopping tips, I hope to help you:
1 4000K to 5000K color temperature in the best eye
2 children age is small, the temperature to a low point, from 4000K to 4300K is quite good, some of the lights
Children in high school at the beginning of 3, at about 4500K more appropriate choice of color temperature
4 adult lamp, close to the appropriate temperature of 5000K
5 real stroboscopic lamp is used in DC power supply
6.LED table lamp is a DC power supply is not recommended, you can try the OLED lamp, it is said that OLED may replace LED oh
7 remember to turn on the headlights when you use the lamp
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