New UIV Research and Development center has been Identified
Recently, the Jiashan county science and Technology Bureau informed that the  R & D center of UIV Chem in Jiashan was identified as the county level enterprise technology R & D center after the careful evaluation by Jiashan R&D department. This identification is  the recognization to our research and development, technology conditions and independent intellectual property rights of the core technology, the level of innovation, technical personnel, system construction, comprehensive management ability and the status of the industry.

UIV 's newly built "China photoelectric science and technology R & D center is located in Jiashan County Chi Road No. 58 and estimated totally investment of 50 million yuan, formally put into production in May 2016, mainly engaged in OLED materials, nano materials, precious metal catalyst research and physical OLED material sublimation purification etc.. R & D center has a strong R & D team which contains a variety of organic chemistry and materials chemistry full of  experience, many of staff memebers have overseas research background. Existing full-time R & D personnel more than 30 people, including 3 Dr. returnees. Relying on the excellent research and development team, R & D center has been applied successfully for 4 patents, and more than 30 invention patents pending. In October 2016, won new material enterprise award in The Area of Zhejiang Province Torch cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. R&D department will plan  hundreds of new products listed in 2017 .

Now,R & D center has made a major breakthrough in the research and development of optoelectronic materials and nano materials, 2- Sanya boric acid, nano silver and other new products have been put into mass production. High quality products have been sold in domestic and abroad market, "Sanya benzene" series of products is to achieve the first scale of the domestic market.

By the end of Dec, R & D center has new investment of about 5 million yuan since it put into operationin  in May. With the increase of sales revenue, the R & D investment funds will also be increased year by year. The company's funding for 2016 annual investment is accounting for 24.5%,  in order to  inspire the  enthusiasm of scientific research personnel and promote the enterprise independent innovation ability,  the company invested a lot of money to create a good environment for scientific research. R & D center has 1200 square meters Organic synthesis laboratory, more than  1200 square meters for class 1000 clean rooms, including chromatographic analysis room, R & D laboratories, the pilot laboratory, nano materials laboratory, equipped with product development and testing equipment. At present, the R & D center construction scale and advanced equipment has been forefront than domestic similar manufacturing enterprises.

Make still further progress, this identification will further enhance our capability of independent innovation,  science and technology will play a key role, our company will actively introduce, absorp and innovate domestic and abroad advanced technology to further enhance the core competitiveness improving the influence in peer industry, leading the development of the industry. 
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